Hi everyone!

Of course, there was way too many photos for me to spam you all over on IG so again, I’ve put my favourites into this little visual blog for you guys!

It was a super casual affair as I said on Insta stories the other week. Instead of a big theme, Josh and I took her to Kmart and just let her go for gold and choose whatever decorations she wanted and this is the result ! Pretty cute I say!

My mum made the little teapot cake and we just had your regular party food, a good old game of pass the parcel and biscuit decorating!
The absolute highlight for me was watching her while everyone sang happy birthday and as it got to be ‘dear jemima’ her face absolutely lit up as she realised that this was all for her. (Awwww, I know 😂) Anyway – enough from me! I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

E x
p.s  thank you everyone for all your birthday and anniversary wishes today!




Posted by:thecultureofgrace

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