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I ended the pregnancy blog with the knowledge that I would be going in the next day to be induced at 38 weeks..

Pre thoughts..
I was really nervous about giving birth this time round. Yeah, I’d done it 4 times already but there was something about Jemima’s birth that really stuck with me. It was very quick, intense and all go. My body had no time to ease into anything. I’ve never been super fearful about birth but this time I was. So to be induced I felt even more anxious because induction stories always tend to be associated with lengthy, painful and just overall not a great time. Those are all the stories I had heard anyway haha. I did a lot of reading, talking to friends (probably annoying them way too much hahaha) and just getting my mind ready for it. I would have watched way more episodes of one born every minute but the season was over boo! There was nothing more I could do…the baby was coming out whether I liked it or not!

Induction day..
We went up to the hospital at 8am the next morning (30th December). I was hooked up to the monitor for 20 minutes and then she explained the process. She did her first examination at 9am where she found that my cervix was completely closed and Allegra wasn’t even engaged. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed as I knew this likely meant a long haul. She gave me a half dose of gel and then left us to it to try and get things moving. We went for a walk, bounced on a swiss ball,played rummikub (ha!) and visited our friends in the next room who had already had their baby. I tell ya, I was definitely jealous looking at her on the bed with her baby knowing that she had already given birth and I still had to lol!! I had been getting small niggles (nothing painful) and a stretching like feeling but that was it. She hooked me back up to the monitor at about 2.15pm and decided I was having too many contractions to have the second dose of gel, so she did a second examination and found that her head was now in a good position and I was about 3cm dialated so at 2.45pm she broke my waters. The contractions started pretty quickly and consistently. I straight away started going into my zone through each contraction and basically giving myself my own pep talks in my head which I found really helped me. Josh was tending to any needs I had but I found it helpful to just be in my own zone. At about 3.45pm we decided to start filling the pool as it takes about half n hour and I knew by then I would want to be getting in. By now they were really starting to come hard and fast and I remember thinking ‘oh geez’ there is no way I can get through hours more than this! At 4.15pm and just before hopping into the pool, Josh asked me if I wanted the gas. Yes….yes I do ha! It was bliss. I legit love the gas. SO much hahahah. I probably look like I love it a lot during labour too. You either love it or you hate it. I like the spacey feeling because I like feeling slightly disconnected from the pain, whereas some people don’t enjoy that feeling at all! I hopped in the pool about 4.20pm and noticed the midwife getting some things ready (things that you would normally be getting ready right before a baby is about to come) but I thought no way. We have hours and shoved it out of my mind. I had 2 normal contractions and then I suddenly had this crazy one straight away that literally made my body push and her head came flying out! The midwife ran over and was telling me to just hold on a minute (ha!) because the baby’s head is out. Cue Josh: What?!!? and me: really?!?. One push later and her whole body came out at 4.31pm Cue Josh : whoa. and me : do I not have to do this anymore?!?

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After thoughts..
After having a look at my placenta, the midwife found that it had already started to calcify quite early which from my understanding, happens to all placenta’s (the aging process) eventually but sometimes they start doing it before it’s time and this causes the lack of nutrients to some parts of the baby.

I could not have asked for a better induction experience. I found this birth really helped cure my anxiety over Jemima’s one and the extra time in labour (all extra 45 minutes of it haha) really helped my body cope. I didn’t once feel like I couldn’t carry on. Except probably right when she was coming out lol! Those after pains though…what a killer! I’m sure they feel worse than contractions. Why?! We have just been through labour and now we have to endure 3 days of extra contractions. Yay for being ladies.

When I had Jemima, I only stayed in the hospital for one night and it really wasn’t enough. I felt overwhelmed as soon as I got home and still really wasn’t over the birth really. This time round I was determined to stay in for as long as I needed and really rest before coming home. So we stayed 3 nights! Josh stayed with me and we just hung out, bonded with Allegra and enjoyed the calm before the storm basically ha! By the time it was time to go home I felt definitely ready.

The name and it’s meaning..
Those close to us know how much we love the meaning of name’s and all our girls have name’s that mean something particular. Allegra is a name we have had on our radar since we had Lucia. Josh has always wanted to use it but I’ve never found it quite right. Allegra means ‘joy’ or ‘joyful’ . When we found out she was a girl, we both knew that the time had come for this name. Evangeline means ‘bringer of good news’.  We named our christmas season baby after the angelic announcement on the first Christmas morning.

Luke 2:10-11 – ‘and the angel said to them ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

May she grow up to be a bringer of good news of great joy….just like the angel.
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E x

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4 replies on “Allegra Evangeline – The birth

  1. Thank you for sharing! So glad you had a ‘nice’ induction process. I have had 3 of those 2 day long induction marathons for 10 pound babies all assisted deliveries, not so much fun but luckily still a positive experience each time!


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