By now, you will all be aware that I had a 5th baby…. SURPRISE!

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The beginning….
We found out we were pregnant the day of Jemima’s 2nd birthday party. We had decided we would like one more so it wasn’t a shock but I was still rather surprised it was actually happening haha!

I felt fine until I hit about 7 weeks. With my other pregnancies I had always got morning sickness so for a while I thought this was my normal. But it soon became apparent that this was different and I was the most sick I have been in my life. For 6 weeks I was constantly sick, couldn’t eat or drink and by 11 weeks I was so sick I was just in the bath tub vomiting and crying because there was nothing else I could do – it was hideous! I lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks and eventually I had to drive myself to hospital at 2am where I got fluids and anti nausea and some strong meds to take home. I had never ever had HG before and I’m so thankful it didn’t progress through the rest of my pregnancy like it does for some women. I came right about 14 weeks and continued to take the meds until about 20 weeks.

The reason….
This has been the big question on everybody’s mind! Why did we keep her a social media secret?! As you all know, so much of my life is online. I enjoy this, I choose to do this and I have no regrets for anything that I do. But sometimes, it’s nice to have something that is just yours. We wanted to have a piece of us that we weren’t sharing for now. Josh is a lot more private and really wanted to keep this between us and the people we see. So basically, if we didn’t see you in the 9 months (besides some exceptions) you wouldn’t know. I have to admit, I was against this at first. I was excited and I wanted to share my excitement! I agreed to 20 weeks but as the time went on, I really enjoyed it. I realised it was nice to have this between us and I learnt a lot. ( I will repeat what I said on IG here…) I learnt a lot about myself and what we call the grapevine. I learnt that the things we say matter. Even if we think they’re small. And ‘it’s fine because they don’t know each other or they wont pass it on’. It isn’t fine and inevitably it does get passed on. I had many disappointed days when I learnt that someone had shared the news we hadn’t even yet..and I knew every time. It always came back to me. My life was being shared when I hadn’t given permission and this did convict me especially in how I now do things. How can I do better. It was a very interesting time! It was quite easy to hide at first, because of the weight I lost, I didn’t show at all till about 25 weeks and after that I could still dress to hide it. Near the end of my pregnancy it was getting harder to hide it online. My snapchats got closer and closer to my face haha, I kept having baby things in the background and I was starting to waddle i’m sure! I wanted to buy things but then of course people would wander why I’m purchasing a BF dress or newborn clothing. And then photo’s of myself….you ALL picked up that I constantly had my back to the camera haha! My life started revolving around appointments and I was getting tired. I felt very boring near the end as I had nothing much to tell you guys haha. But all in all, you were all surprised!

The End…
At about 29 weeks, my midwife noticed I was measuring about 4-5 weeks behind. She thought it was probably to do with the fact that I had had a few babies already so the baby was probably lower down already but she organised a scan just incase so she could at least have a fair idea of where we stood. I had the scan a few weeks later which showed she was a smaller baby (which isn’t unusual for me so that wasn’t a worry) but her stomach was on a low percentile. Anything under 10th percentile is considered growth restricted and her stomach was on the 2nd while the rest of her body was up around the 25th. So I was booked in for fortnightly growth scans to see if she would pick up. She didn’t and so I saw a specialist who decided that we would just monitor for now  (so CTG’s twice a week and weekly scans to check growth and dopplers etc) and if she carried on this trend then I would be induced roughly 38.5 weeks as she was still content in there and everything was working fine and if not, they would make a plan accordingly. Having so many appointments was draining but it was for the best. At around 36 week I had a growth scan that showed her stomach had jumped to the 15th percentile which was great! It meant she was picking up and I perhaps may not need to be induced. We had one more scan on the 29th of December up at the hospital which unfortunately showed my last scan was incorrect and her stomach had not grown at all, in fact the computer could not give an exact percentage as it didn’t go down that low. So they made the decision that I would come back the next day to be induced as she would be getting better nutrients outside than in. I would be 38 weeks exactly. The issue wasn’t with her weight itself..she was still relatively a good size, it was the stomach that was the issue. (I say this because everybody says ‘but she was still a  good size?!’

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To answer a few of the questions people had…

  • Yes, we knew she was a girl. I was happy to have another girl, in fact I wanted one. Josh was happy either way. We had a friend make a mini cake for us and we took it out on date night and found out. Even though I wanted a girl, I surprised myself by feeling teary when I found out. I think because I thought Josh would be disappointed so he was actually the one comforting me about a false perception I had of him haha!
  • Mila was in Auckland for her birth and I think she was shocked she missed it. She was feeling sad the night she found out but still enjoyed her time away and loved coming back to meet her sister and has been smitten ever since!
  • We never intended to move house but always knew we would need to eventually with 5 children, however the opportunity came up at exactly the right time so we took it! We are excited to move in about 5 weeks time!

    I will answer the others on the birth blog as they are more related to that 🙂



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