Toilet training has always been one of those things with parents. It’s something most of us dread but we all have to do. Sometimes we are blessed with a super easy child and we think we’ve got it down pat….and then a subsequent child will put you back in your place. Mila was super easy to toilet train, she was fully day time trained one week after her second birthday and then she actually started waking us up in the night to take her nappy off to go the toilet so was fully night trained before 2 and a half. I, of course was one of those parents who thought this was totally easy! Ha! I remember my MIL saying ‘don’t expect this from your other children’!

Lucia was a bit longer but still not a problem, whereas Ivy, we have REALLY struggled with night time. At 5 she is still in a pull up, we have tried multiple times and it just isn’t clicking. I was contacted by Protect – a – bed and initially I was in 2 minds about taking on this review because (and just being honest) I knew I wouldn’t naturally click through to a blog solely based on mattress protecters. But being given the opportunity to actually talk about something else on my mind as well and incorporate it in, I was much happier to do. Because let’s be honest, one of the biggest headaches about trying to toilet train at night is 1. the amount of washing that could accumulate and 2. the potential for spillage through to the mattress during accidents which then requires airing and potentially a damaged mattress! And guess what! I’m almost embarassed to admit this but we have never had mattress protectors before!!

A bit about Protect-A-Bed
Protect-A-Bed is committed to healthy sleep solutions and believes that ordinary, everyday products can be extraordinary. A quality assured Protect- A- Bed mattress is like an insurance policy for your mattress. It protects your mattress from moderate accidents and spills and also stains. 
 Some other info –

  •  Cotton Terry Sleep Surface
  • Dust Mite Barrier
  • Allergen Barrier
  • Miracle layer that’s breathable, silent and waterproof
  • Expandable fitted sheet (fits all standard and extra deep mattresses)
  • Machine wash/tumble dry
  • Safe with electric blankets
  • Fun/awkward fact from me : I did not even think about the fact that during the night (especially summer) we would sweat and lose skin that actually essentially seeps into your mattress! That was definitely a wake up call for me when I read and realised that!

So we are back down the path of night time training. One of the things I love about this protecter is it’s silence. Ivy will refuse to sleep on a bed that has something under the sheet that she can notice (I’ve tried a few night training sheets that have a slight scrunch to them) but I’ve had this on her bed for over a week now and she hasn’t noticed at all! We are taking the approach of keeping her in her pull up but getting her up to take her to the toilet as if she is in undies and the more successful we are/the dryer she get’s then we will gradually switch over and I love the peace of mind that will come with knowing that in case of an accident, Protect-A-Bed has us and the mattress covered!

Where to buy :

I also have one to give away so head back to my Instagram to enter! In the meantime….wish us luck!


E x

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