Ivy turns the big 5 tomorrow (16th) , but we celebrated her birthday this weekend with her closest friends and some family! She had a ‘unicorn party’ but I’ll use that term loosely as now that I look at it, we just had a few token unicorn aspects ha! I planned to have the set up outside, but 20 min before the party started, much to my dismay, it was way too windy and I had to come up with plan B pretty quickly. I was starting to feel frustrated to which Josh said ‘well is this party for you or for her?’ (ummm me….no no just kidding) – so I was quickly bought back down to earth and I realised she was just stoked with everything that was going on and that’s what mattered….aye…..AYE! hahahaha!

For entertainment, we had a tattoo station that Mila ran which was THE biggest hit. The kids absolutely loved it. A colouring station with different pictures of unicorns and then we had a game of pass the parcel and pin the horn on the unicorn. Minimal fuss but lots of entertainment!

I don’t really have a set spiel or lowdown to give you so I thought I would just put together the visual blog and let that speak for itself! Hope you enjoy it! I will link where I got the few supplies at the end but other than that, if you have any questions….ask away!






Things I used :
Balloons, plates and table confetti = Pop Roc Parties
Pin the horn on the Unicorn = The Warehouse (about $2 and came with 16 horns)
Mini unicorn plate = Warehouse Stationery $12
Customised chocolate favours = Celeste Chaplin Photography $39 for 50 chocolates.
Cake = Cakes by Abbie 
IVY topper = Love From Seventeen


Happy birthday Ivy! We love you and can’t believe you are 5!
Mama x

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