Of course, you don’t have to be homeschooling to utilise these tips. If you’re homeschooling, they can slot right in to what you are doing and if you aren’t, they are still great resources for weekends or some extra learning that is fun!

I’ve got 3 firm favourites that we use regularly that I would like to mention plus one we don’t use just yet. I hope some of this will be useful for you! Please do let me know if it is!

The first one we love and a lot of you have probably seen it on my snapchat or IG is Artventure . This is an online Art curriculum that will suit all ages and stages of any artist. The difficulty levels range from one star being the easiest and 5 star the most difficult. It incorporates all sorts of materials and styles of artwork as well, you just pick and choose! Once you have chosen, a video tutorial will come up and will walk you through each step of how to create your masterpiece. A little pause Icon will show up on your screen at the appropriate time to let you know to pause the video and give it a go yourself! The kids absolutely love this and its something they can all do together and pause themselves at their own pace. There is a yearly cost to the resource but like most places, it offers a free trial so you can see if it will work for you! If you are part of homeschool NZ then there are also discounts available 🙂


The next one we use regularly are Lapbooks. These are available free through Homeschool Share . Lapbooks are basically projects for the kids that have everything you need within them. All the information, activities, recipes, guides, maps, whatever it is you’re studying is all there for you. There are over 350 different projects from country studies to animals to fun things like Ice Cream. Once you have printed it out the kids can mostly work on it themselves but will likely need some set up guidance. The country studies are our favourite! So many interactive activities, recipes and general knowledge! These are great for kids who are really interested in a particular topic but they may not be covering it at the moment. We print ours out and then  Mila glues all the different bits into an activity book and works out of there. I would probably recommend this for children who can already read and write on their own although there are a few for the younger ages.


The last one we use regularly is Reading Eggs. This is a GREAT resource for beginners or advanced. For the beginner/new readers it engages the kids with reading games and activities using songs, phonics, reading aloud etc. Then it goes through sight words, more phonics and essential reading skills followed by bonus activities where they teach spelling, comprehension and vocabulary in a fun way. Once the children are established readers and have completed these sections (usually about 7 years old) they move on to Reading Eggspress which continues the reading journey with structured comprehension lessons, games etc. The girls love it! It tracks their progress and has really helped especially Lucia in her confidence. Because it’s a lot of audio, they need to really listen to get the answers which definitely helps with learning sounds and letters being put together to make small words. Again, this is a subscription (a very well worth it subscription) but they also have a 4 week free trial available for you to use and see if it will be a good fit for your family! If you’re a homeschooler, there are very awesome discounts available through Homeschool NZ.

The last one I want to recommend that we don’t use yet is a part of reading eggs but it’s the Maths version and it’s called Mathseeds. A very similar layout to Reading eggs but of course for Maths. Mathseeds is really specifically for beginner Maths (recommended age is 3-9 , whereas the reading one goes up to 13.) which is why I haven’t really started it yet. Mila is a bit passed it but soon I might introduce it as part of work for Lucia but at the moment she’s doing well with just the reading and I don’t want to introduce too many online things at once. But if you’re child is particularly struggling in the Maths department, I would definitely recommend you giving the free trial a go!

I hope this has been helpful for you! Any questions I’m happy to answer if I can! I definitely don’t have all the answers and it’s still a journey for us but one that I love to share with you guys!

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E xx

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