School holidays is upon us! Now don’t get me wrong, I do love school holidays. Spending days with the girls, extra hands for Jemima sitting and Josh always has a week off. But there still comes cabin fever, bickering and looooong days, let’s be honest ha! So I thought I would tell you all about the craft boxes from Moomookachoo blog! These are perfect for those days where you just need something to occupy the kids or the baby is asleep so a quiet activity is preferable!

These aren’t just for the holidays though! I dig into this box at least twice a week whether it be for a craft or a recipe or for Mila to do a word search while I deal to the other girls. They are filled with fun that will see you through the whole month!

So let’s go back to the beginning..Moomookachoo is a monthly subscription box filled with recipes, crafts and activities that create fun and magical moments with you and your little ones inspired by their ‘magical days calendar’. These activities are beautifully thought through and include the majority of the materials to make it easier for you. One of my personal favourites is the the little quotes Hana puts through the boxes. I love turning the quotes into photos with my girls and actually one of my favourite pictures of 2 of my girls in their room is inspired by one of the quotes found in the craft boxes.
There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a box in the mail filled with fun,education and that has the ability to create magical memories with your family. I do the majority of these crafts with Ivy on her home days and she absolutely loves getting into it and finding out ‘what’s in the box today’?!

I would say from about 3.5 you can start getting a lot out of these boxes. There is still a couple things that are too hard for Ivy so we leave those ones for Lucia or Mila  but overall it’s a box that has something for all ages because everyone can help with baking/cooking right?! We have learnt about other cultures, discovered certain traditions that we didn’t know existed and had so much fun creating things I would never have been able to dream up. For example creating your own ‘northern lights’ or creating a banner to celebrate ‘cinco de Mayo’ and Ivy’s favourite…sending a letter by owl post for Harry Potter day! Ha! I highly recommend heading to Moomookachoo’s website here and signing up for the month of November and beyond!

Thanks to Hana, I have one craft box for November to giveaway! Head back to my Instagram post to enter and I’ll leave you with a testimonial from another mum who’s family are really enjoying their boxes!

We adore the moomookachoo club! As a busy mama of 5 having a box filled with crafts, recipes and fun activities arrive every month is perfect! We love that everything we need is included. The recipes are simple to follow, the crafts suit all ages and the kids are learning so much and having fun. – Jamie from The Modern Apothecary

Every month we are so excited to receive our mini Moomookachoo box in the mailbox, its always filled with exciting little packages filled with fun and interesting activities that the kids really look forward too and my favourite part is there’s always something to do when Sophia is bored! Perfect for a busy mumma like me who doesn’t have the time to put together crafty learning activities! – Julie from Pop Roc Parties

E x

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