This week we have been using one of the feeding sets by Munch. This little Eco Hero is made from rice husks, usually burnt by the pile full in many countries which emits a whole lot of bad stuff causing air pollution. But Munch has been using these rice husks for good, in the form of sustainable material for their dinner sets. Great for the environment and great for little mouths!

I was super excited to receive this. I didn’t really have a particular set for Jemima yet but this little guy was perfect. Cute AND practical…thats a bonus right?! The kids love taking him apart and reassembling him. He breaks down into a bowl, plate, cup, knife and fork with a slip free mat that your bowl can sit on. We have a Mocka wooden high chair and I found this stuck great to that.

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In terms of age appropriateness, I found this set a mix bag for Jemima. I actually split it between Jemima and Ivy. The bowl, and fork were great for Jemima snacks. I usually have to give her one thing at a time because she just throws the whole bowl but with the slip free mat she actually leaves it alone and eats her food! I gave her the fork..she can’t actually use it yet but she does practise. It was great for once being able to just put food in her bowl and then sit down with a cuppa with her while she ate as opposed to catching her plate everytime she threw it ┬áHA! Jemima is 13 months and she wasn’t yet able to use the cup or feed herself with a plate of food. Of course, I could but I based this review more on things they were able to. I gave those things to Ivy who is 3. The plate was GREAT for her age. Because it’s in the shape of a hat she was able to hold the peak and lift the plate to her face while she ate which I wasn’t expecting but was actually perfect for her! No spills! It’s very versatile for a range of ages in my opinion so a great worthwhile buy or gift!


Cleaning wise it is great. All the bits are smooth with no nooks or crannies to get baby food stuck into. The whole thing is dishwasher safe and hard wearing so won’t break if you have any lovely little throwers or the accidental drop! And its all biodegradable ! How awesome that something as seemingly useless as a rice husk can be turned into something extremely useful and good for the environment. I would definitely like to encourage you guys to pay that little bit extra for a product that is working so hard at keeping our planet sustainable by minimising pollution where they can!


The Eco Hero is $39.99 and you can purchase it here. For everything you get and given its an eco friendly and sustainable product this is an amazing price and a set that you can use throughout the baby/toddler years and then keep in the cupboard for your next child :P. Also the perfect gift for a baby shower or even a first birthday if you’re stuck on ideas and want something a bit more original.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful and opened your eyes to another amazing store that you might not have otherwise known about!

E x

Munch Instagram
Jemima’s Headband Lewis and Lou
Highchair Mocka NZ


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