So, Jemima is 10.5 months now and i thought it may be time we start introducing a bottle. Ivy always refused a bottle and it was a mission and half trying to get her to take any kind of bottle so I was a little bit reluctant this time round. I wasn’t really keen on getting her a plastic bottle as I found they always looked a bit manky and I’m trying to convert all of our drinking bottles to glass or stainless steel anyway so I started looking for an alternative. And along came Haakaa!

Haakaa is a New Zealand baby brand that provides parents with Safe, Natural, Non-toxic, Eco-friendly baby products. Best known for it’s high safety standards, superior quality and unique designs, all haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand and manufactured in select advanced international factories under strict quality controls.

I originally was just getting a stainless steel drink bottle from them but then I noticed they had glass bottles as well. Perfect!


I only pumped a small amount, because today was just a trial- I didn’t want to pump a lot and then she mucked around or refused it etc. ( my silicon breast pump is also from Haakaa and I would highly recommend you purchase one-obviously if you’re breastfeeding, not just for fun ;), its lightweight,portable, easy to use and is 100% eco friendly!)
So, I pumped a small amount and went to round up hubby to feed her. I was a bit hesitant- I didn’t know how she would take it. She LOVES breastfeeding and my experience with Ivy was that nothing else was going to cut it! BUT………


Like a duck to water! She grabbed it and pulled it towards her almost straight away and just started sucking away like a natural! I was super excited haha (many date nights to come were flashing through my head ha!) and I think Josh was enjoying the bond!

She was so cute and gulped it all down. SUCCESS! I am so happy with how easy the transition was. If you’re thinking about moving on to a bottle, I would highly recommend you give this a go. If not for my success ;), but for the fact that it is a great alternative to plastic! There are so many goodies to explore on this website so go check it out!

To check them out on IG click here


Mum and Jemima approved!

E x

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